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PowerRay Bumper - Powervision Robot Corporation

PowerRay Bumper

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The PowerRay protective bumper cover is optimized with rubber that is similar to water density. It not only protects the PowerRay body from being damaged by complex environments underwater but also protects marine life from accidental collisions with the PowerRay body frame.


  • Collision protection: The PowerRay bumper fits snug around the PowerRay body and integrates seamlessly to provide comprehensive protection and prevents scratching.
  • Material selection: The polyurethane rubber, close to the density of water, provides strong protection while being environmentally friendly. The protective sleeve adopts neutral buoyancy and does not decrease the power consumption of the body nor drag effects while in use.
  • Easy installation: The PowerRay bumper is simple and easy to install. The tail is tightened by metal rivets, and it will not fall off even with strong currents. The stainless-steel plates are finely polished, and the surrounding raised rubber protects it from scratching the PowerRay platform.