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Top 5 Things To Do With A PowerRay

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the PowerVision blog. In today's post, we will be going over 5 amazing things you can do with a PowerRay.

Millions of people all over the world are drawn to water destinations every year. From Hawaiian vacations to exploring the icebergs in the North Atlantic.

We visit these amazing places, but do we really explore them as they're meant to be explored? Not really. The PowerRay was established to kill that curiosity that many have about what lies below the surface.

Here are 5 things you can do with a PowerRay that you probably have imagined but never had the resource until now!  

1. Fishing With A New Perspective

Have you ever sat at the lake all day and didn't catch anything but a buzz from your beer? I am sure you're not alone. Wouldn't you really like to know where that 15 lb bass is hiding out? Well with the PowerRay and its sonar system you can know before you even cast!

The PowerSeeker that attaches to the bottom of the PowerRay has the capabilities of finding fish, determining water depths, water temperature, and dropping bait right where the fish are hanging out.

Once you find the fish now you can set the PowerRay in position to capture that moment you have been waiting for, the bite! Imagine watching the fish come to your line, take the bait and run in fabulous 4K UHD. This dream is now a reality with the PowerRay and the truth is right here

2. Free Diving With The Creatures Of The Sea

So you like to free dive but your family is not all that excited about it? We have the perfect solution.

The PowerRay can be your diving partner and your safety tool. With the PowerRay you can assess the area first before diving to make sure you're not jumping into waters filled with sharks or other uninviting creatures. 

Why not take home some of the amazing images you see when diving and better yet why not have your family or friends capture those images from the safety of shore or on a boat? With the PowerRay you can capture everything you see and do underwater and stream it live back to your phone or tablet. Sharing is caring and with PowerRay you can achieve that and much more!

3. Scuba Diving For Up To 2 HRs

The average scuba diving session lasts about 45 minutes to 1hr. That's what a scuba tank can hold for a diver. The PowerRay can swim underwater and take video and pictures for up to two hours.

The Powerray can also dive up to 100 ft below the surface, so if your a beginning diver the PowerRay will allow you to explore the depths that you're not ready for just yet! It's also a great pre-dive tool to make sure your dive area is safe and secure. 

If your friends aren't certified for scuba diving, well they are now with PowerRay. In a matter of minutes, you both can be below the surface checking out everything mother nature has to offer and your friend doesn't even have to get wet!

4. Ahoy Matey, I think We Found Treasure!

I am sure we have all imagined or dreamed of finding buried treasures, am I right? PowerVision has made this dream into a reality, well of course if you know the coordinates of some sunken treasure locations. 

If you don't then there is really no need to worry cause just about anybody of water has lost treasures, people drop stuff all the time. Phones, watches, wallets, and GoPro cameras are just a few things that millions of people lose each year.

The PowerRay is here to find those treasures. With an amazing 4K UHD camera and two 450 lumen headlights, anything is possible. Scanning an ocean floor or local lake dock areas you'd be surprised at what you find. Your treasure awaits you, now is the time to start exploring who knows you may find your retirement beneath the sea.

5. Swimming With Sharks

Yes, swimming with sharks is easier than you think and guess what you will never have to worry about being their lunch! The PowerRay has shown its possible to actually come face to face with the deadliest and most beautiful creatures of the sea.

From the comfort of a boat, you could launch the PowerRay right into the action with any type of shark your heart desires or that you can find. There are many places around the US where sharks can be found quite regularly. 

In our adventures with Sharks, these creatures have a fond interest of the PowerRay. Sharks are very curious about it and waste no time approaching the ROV. Some may be a bit more curious than others, cause in June 2018 a PowerRay got a very up close and personal view of what it looks like inside a 12ft lemon sharks mouth! Check the video below!!

So if you have ever had the urge to get up close and personal with sharks fear no more we have your solution right here

So there you have it. The top 5 things you can do with a PowerRay. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at us@powervision.me. Until next time keep your adventurous plans in mind and remember the PowerRay can make these adventures come true!




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